Revolutionizing the club scene one silent party at a time

Photo by Yitian Cai

All week you’ve been restless just thinking about getting together with those friends, blasting that music, and throwing back a few drinks before heading out to the club.

In a club,you can’t be embarrassed by your bad dance moves because no one is paying attention. In a club,the stress of your everyday life is pushed away by the music vibrating your skin. In a club,strangers become friends and friends become caretakers. Everyone is in celebration mode.

A night out once in a while is necessary to blow off some steam caused by the overwhelming stress of university life. However, the glory doesn’t last forever. Eventually,those fun nights out don’t override the nasty next day hangovers.

The price of drinks, Ubers and missing personal items are too much to bearfor the same old experiences. Drinking and dancing to the same music at the same places eventually becomes stale—at that point, the routine needs to be refreshed.

Perhaps this is why trends are emerging throughout the party industry. Special events are advertised to draw crowds to bars and nightclubs in the hopes of spicing things up for those looking for an alternative party experience.

On February 1, Kitchener’s famous Dos Tequilas nightclub participated inthe city’sfirst ‘Silent Party’ held off a university campus.

Victor Hernandez, a business partner of Dos Tequilas, considers this foray into the world of trend partying a huge success.

“It was amazing because it was the first time for us holding it. I’ve seen it in Toronto and other places, but in Kitchener,it was the first one,” Hernandezsaid.

Over 70 partiers attending Dos Tequilas’ silent event were handed their own pair of headphones to replace the typical sound system found in traditional clubs, giving everyone in the crowd a unique and individual experience based on their own music preferences.

“I’ve been hearing a lot of feedback from our customers. Many nightclubs here in Kitchener and Waterloo offer the same thing, they’re playing the same music, over and over. So we decided to do something outside of the box and have a different experience,” Hernandez said. The event offered three music genres for attendees to choose from: salsa, hip-hop or dance hall music.

“Going forward, I think once we do the silent party again we’re going to have different options like disco, old school or other genres for different styles of people,”Hernandez said.

“We want to be unique. We want to be known as Dos Tequilas, the place to party.”

The success of this event demonstrates the demand from partiers for unique experiences within the nightclub industry. With clubs like Dos Tequilas following examples seen on campuses and cities throughout Canada, they hope to introduce clubbers to new and exciting ways to have a great night out.

Interested in trying out the silent party? Dos Tequilas plans on hosting the event again this summer,providing a fresh take on the traditional clubbing experience.

If you’re in the Kitchener area, why not try something new? It might just be the refreshing take on the clubbing experience you were searching for after that rough night at Phil’s.


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