Reed Collis candidate irresponsible


After reading the presidential platforms in this week’s Cord I was blown away by Reed Collis’ approach to the election. His only campaign promise is that he will sit and wait while WLUSU shareholders do the dirty work for him, bringing issues up and then voting on what he should do. Note to Reed, elections are held so that you can make decisions on behalf of us.

He complains about “twisted agendas” and current leadership, yet proposes nothing but a glorified drinking party for his term. Reed’s platform is inefficient in terms of its potential for accomplishing anything.

Voting on every issue will result in only a wasted year and thousands of wasted dollars. His immature “drinks on me” approach cannot be taken seriously.

What does it say about WLUSU and Laurier if a potential president is campaigning on the platform of beer for votes?

Reed, I can buy a lot of beer with my tuition fees. Apart from his misuse of the word “Apparition” in describing voters, he shows up wearing a bandana for his profile picture.

His lack of editing and poor image reflect a lack of professionalism on his part. Hardly the image I want representing me in any capacity. As a final note to Reed, if you are elected, I will submit that you should be replaced in office by a rock (which will at least avoid making any asinine promises).

If voters support this, you’ve already promised to comply, 100%.

–Stephen Franchetto

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