Hub to be transformed

Beginning in May 2010, the Hub will undergo the first stages of transformation to accommodate the expansion of Laurier’s Retail and Print Service Department, currently located at 202 Regina.

Following recommendations from an external consultant, Printing Services aims to improve their accessibility and service on campus by establishing a second, more prominent location at the current Hub.

“The consulting report was trying to encourage a shift in the way they deliver the service to the campus community and to make their service more prominent,” explained Dan Dawson, director of Student Services.

“What’s going forward is the creation of a new business that is going to be something like a document solution centre … the service that will be available to the campus community will be significantly enhanced.”

The Hub will undergo a physical transformation, be outfitted with new equipment and receive a new name.

Aside from these changes, Dawson explained that the new printing facility will no longer operate as an information center for students or as a booking center for Concourse space. By next fall,
Dawson aims to create a separate information desk located near the Hall of Fame and potentially relocate Concourse bookings to the OneCard office.

Wayne Steffler, associate vice-president of finance and administration, explains that Printing Services will be equipped with new online software to facilitate ordering. Steffler also states that Printing Services will have a greater focus on sustainability, in meeting turnover time and in reducing outsourcing.

“We’re excited about it. We’re looking forward to revitalizing that area and we think we’re going to service the community a lot better under this new model and avoid [going off campus for such services],” said Steffler.

“We’re more focused on the community; our mandate is different than a for-profit organization, so I think we can do a better job.”

Despite the changes, Dawson explains that the new printing service center will operate similarly to the Hub.

“All the types of services they offer now will be available, plus a range of services that they can’t currently provide because they don’t have either the expertise or the equipment.”

Printing Services is currently responsible for public photocopiers, office photocopiers and large volume print jobs, such as course packs.

Dawson stresses that the new printing center will not affect current Hub employees.

“They’re just going to be part of a slightly different department than they were before …[the change is not] directly going to affect them except for giving them some new opportunities for work experience.”

Dawson added that he anticipates that employment opportunities will improve, especially with the addition of the information center.

The new printing centre is scheduled to open in September 2010.

“We see this as a great opportunity for two departments to come together to create a better customer service experience. From all perspectives, it’s a great win/win and our customers should notice a difference,” said Dawso.