RedHouse serves up Euro-fusion

Red House - ONLINE Will 2
Photo by Will Huang

By this point in the summer, it is safe to assume that you all have frequented a multitude of restaurants and patios already. Waterloo has no shortage when it comes to good restaurants with unique vibes and summer focused menus. However, one place that some of you probably have not tried is easily a contender for Waterloo’s best summer eatery: RedHouse.

RedHouse is a European-focused fusion restaurant that is a little off the beaten path in uptown Waterloo.

Located at 30 William Street West, RedHouse manages to avoid the busy King Street hustle while keeping an urban vibe. It feels like the most downtown-esque cottage you’ve ever been to.

Before we get to the food, the atmosphere must be noted. From wall to wall, the restaurant is covered in beautiful landscape paintings that make it seem as if you just stepped into a Group of Seven convention.

Everything from the rolling rock rapids to the rocky mountains is displayed in loving paintings as you devour your meal.

RedHouse’s menu is both diverse and simple. For starters, you can dive in to their highly recommended avocado and bacon mini pizza, which is perfect for sharing. Or, try their delectable Cape Town Caesar salad, which includes a hardboiled egg if you can believe it.

The main courses are really what sets RedHouse apart from anything else in Waterloo. They have a plethora of European and contemporary classics with a unique twist.

As you could have guessed with the Caesar salad featuring hardboiled eggs, RedHouse is all about mixing up the usuals with some creative add-ons.

For example, their shake and bake pork chops not only ooze with flavours but are complimented by the most unique tasting chutney I have ever tasted. Their grilled flat iron steak comes topped with a ton of different sauces and dressings such as horseradish aioli and tomato relish.

The most standout dish, however, is their Moroccan vegetable tagine, which reminded me of my mom’s famous vegetable stew.

To top it all off, RedHouse did not fail to please the wino in me. One glass of their perfectly poured Yealands Estate sauvignon blanc was the seamless companion to my meal.

So next time you are looking for a flawless wine and dine, I recommend trying a little something new and venturing over to RedHouse.

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