Redefining beauty

Self-confidence and embracing every body image were the main themes of the 5th annual Charity Spring Fashion Show, held on March 28 at the Kitchener City Hall Rotunda.

 The “Reshaping Fashion” fashion show was co-ordinated by University of Waterloo accounting students Pelagia Cao and Maple Tay on behalf of the Eating Disorders Awareness Coalition (EDAC) of the Waterloo Region.

 The fashion show – which featured clothing donated by Laura, Costa Blanca, Moores, Zacks and Addition Elle, among other stores – embraced that concept that everyone is beautiful, no matter what his or her body shape, size or type is.

“[We had] volunteers of all walks of life, all ages, all sizes,” said Cao. “Every body shape is beautiful and part of it is confidence.”

There were 16 women participating in the event ranging in sizes from two to 15, and seven men ranging from sizes 30 to 38. All the models were volunteers and residents of Kitchener-Waterloo between the ages of 15 and 46.

“They were all really positive, all wonderful people,” said Cao.

Roughly over $3,000 was raised from the event, which was attended by about 200 spectators, but as Pelagia stressed, the focus was more about raising awareness than making money.

“This was not a profit, just [enough] to balance the book. The organization is not doing as well as we hope it could be doing [financially].”

EDAC is a volunteer-driven charity that is committed to improving the lives of people affected by eating disorders, weight preoccupation and size prejudice through delivering education and prevention programs, building a supportive community and providing referrals to treatment and resources.