GSA elects Landry as president

The Graduate Students Association (GSA) held their Annual General Meeting (AGM) last night, proposing amendments to their constitution and also electing their new executive council, board of governor representative and president for the upcoming year.

With 241 students participating in the online vote, Christinia Landry was elected president with 58.2 per cent of the vote over Adam Melnik. Javaid Iqbal became the new board of governors representative with 56.4 per cent of the vote over opponent Paula Bryk.

“I have worked really hard all year to gain experience as to what the presidents job entails and worked really hard to put together a platform and a plan for next year, so I’m glad that I’ll get to see it to fruition,” said Landry.

She also pointed out that she looks forward to following up with her platform items as well as the challenge of implementing the new board and council structure.