Reconsider your ‘Reputation’ Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift – Reputation
Credit: Mert & Marcus

Dear Taylor Swift,

I am annoyed at how often you appear in the media with your new boyfriends and I will never be able to forgive you for the moron you made of one of the greatest rappers of our generation; the one and only Kendrick Lamar.

Readers, if you have not seen what has been infectiously taking over the internet — if you have, I issue my absolute and deepest condolence’s  Taylor Swift’s fifth studio album Reputation dropped on Nov. 10.

It will not be available on your standard streaming services until a later date, however.

Her new album style stays loyal to the brutally constructed music industry’s demands. Her newer image of “innocent country girl turned deeply misunderstood artist” is highly lacking in creativity.

She should also, as a side note, immediately stop trying to incorporate rap into her music, if you ask me.

It reflects an artist who is unable to construct a proper sound; one who has been taken advantage of by a failing music industry. They beat, destroy and shape her music into a sound that is predominantly and unimaginably worse than ever.

The internet then went absolutely crazy over her shift.

This transformation consisted of lyrics that were noticeably irrelevant to real emotions and a musical component that was flat out annoying in its grotesque repetition.

Not that I have a stale heart or anything, but I am unable to believe that it is humanly possible to feel in any way motivated by her lyrics or her standards to musically challenge herself – spoiler alert, she does not.

The same sappy love message is conveyed through all 14 tracks except for “Look What You Made Me Do.” I believe that this track will be the theme song of our younger generations. Swift is relaying a message that she is unable to take the consequences of her actions.

This message speaks to her followers but it does not promote a positive concept of living towards growing women; she tells them to follow a generic path that doesn’t allow them to reach their full potential in a creative world.

Not being able to stream this album twisted my nerves even more, though the fact that she hasn’t made her music available on all platforms remains to be the only thing that sets her apart from other popular artists  so kudos for that!

After the headache of listening to this album from start to finish with my morning coffee, the only thing that could get me back into my regular morning mood would be to listen to every Kanye West album on full volume.

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