Rapping up fall hip-hop

If there is something I’ve learned about Laurier O-Week, it’s that in order for it to be a total success, there needs to be exciting new music that puts a soundtrack to your memorable first week(s) in the ‘Loo.

Whether you are kicking back with friends or getting ready for that first Phils’ Wednesday, these rap, hip-hop and R&B albums will be sure to compliment your fall semester shenanigans. Turn it up!

Big Sean – Hall of Fame (August 27): 

Have you ever wondered what a soundtrack to success might sound like? Well, chances are it would probably be similar to Big Sean’s Hall Of Fame. It is filled with something for everyone. The obvious Mercy-esque club bangers, the introspective raps and boom bap ballads are all included on this LP.

In my opinion, Sean is at his best when he is extra braggadocio on standout tracks like “Mona Lisa” which is easily the album’s heaviest hit.

As a whole, the feel-good album’s set of big beats doesn’t disappoint or lack diversity. If you’re looking for motivational music centered on the money, the cars and the clothes, this album is sure to get plenty of replays on your iPod this upcoming semester.

The Weeknd – Kiss Land (September 10): 

Remember that no-name guy who performed at Turret with the crazy haircut and fuzzed out bangers/ballads in 2011? Well, that no-name now has a record deal and is dropping his first studio LP right as fall semester gets started.

The Weeknd’s once anonymous persona has turned him from a hipster’s best-kept secret to an urban music sensation. The success of his mixtape trilogy has obviously propelled him into super-stardom and the general consensus for his next album is that he will “sell out.”

Think again.

Kiss Land may be his first major release, but the Scarborough native will definitely stick to the recipe that made him R&B’s man of mystery. Songs like “Kiss Land” and “Live For” keep those same atmospherics and production that we fell in love with on his earlier mixtapes.

However, The Weeknd brings some new elements to his experimental sound by incorporating same faster drums and synths on tracks such as “Belong To The World” and “Love In The Sky.” Either way you slice it, The Weeknd’s Kiss Land is a must for all residence cool-downs and post-bar endeavours.

Drake Nothing Was The Same (September 24):

Any conversations surrounding the outcome of Drake’s next album were more than likely affected by the release of his lead single “Started From The Bottom.” However, something that I think most of us had been hoping for has become abundantly clear: Drake’s about to go hard with this one. Not much from the album has been disclosed as of now, but that is part of the fun.

Being the three-dimensional artist he is, we can expect a smorgasbord of different sounds, rhymes and themes. “Started” has been killing the clubs since it was released back in February and the newly dropped “Hold On, We’re Going Home” will definitely be the anthem for any fall semester flings. That being said, don’t expect Drake to go soft on this one. He will no doubt write an abundance of amazingly crafted rap songs to keep the hip-hop heads at ease.

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