Rapper Classified takes the stage


This is more than a business, much more than a kid trying to get rich,” rapped Canadian artist Luke Boyd, popularly known as Classified.

Performing in front of a chaotic crowd at the Turret on Friday night, Classified filled the club with his stage presence and energy.

Hailing from Ernfield, a small town in Nova Scotia, Classified focuses on presenting and maintaining a genuine and authentic character.

His appreciation for content over glamorization is evident in his lyrics about the small town life and in his raw performance.

Having signed a contract with Sony Music last year, Classified has seen his popularity grow as his exposure has increased.

But the heightened recognition has done little to hinder Classified’s love for the art and his appreciation for his fans.

“I’m not rich, not making millions of dollars … I make good money but at the same time, I’m just happy to be able to do this,” Classified told The Cord in an interview before the show at the Turret.

“I’m getting paid to see the world.”

Performing since the age of 15, Classified has maintained lasting longevity in an industry that often focuses on the commodification and disposal of popular music.

But despite furthering his recognition and individual growth as an artist, Classified is disappointed that he has seen little progress in the Canadian hip-hop industry on whole.

“You could say it’s even declined,” said Classified. “You look at Choclair who did Ice Cold in 1999 … He was pushed, he was on Arsenio Hall and all that shit back in the day. You don’t see the Canadian industry doing that anymore,” he noted.

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Canadian hip-hop artist Classified performing at the Turret last Friday night for a packed crowd.

Part of the reason Classified has maintained a high level of credibility can be attributed to his approach towards the music.

Because he owns a studio at his home, he is able to work in an independent environment, limiting the distraction of corporate influence.

“Usually I’ll have my boys come over and they’ll tell me that beat sucks, and that’s the people I go by. I don’t send it out to Sony and ask, hey do you guys like this?”

Classified takes a similarly distinct approach to his stage performances.

“I hate going to a show and seeing a guy stand on stage and just put a beat on and rap for four minutes. I like to keep it moving … quick-paced, high energy.”

On Friday night, this was exactly the case as Classified worked up the enthusiastic student crowd into a frenzy.

Relating to his veritable nature, the show ended with a performance of “Oh… Canada” and fans were quick to jump in the on action, shouting along in homage, “Every time I go away, I tell’ em for sure, I’m from Canada, oh Canada!”

Afterwards, as the crowd dispersed there seemed to be an electric energy still present in the air at the Turret.

This was undoubtedly the result of an entertaining show from an artist who truly enjoys displaying his talent and invoking participation from his fans.

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