RadioLaurier Spotlight: J. Cole praised ‘biggest rapper alive’

Up-and-coming rapper J. Cole is making waves this week as his debut album Cole World: The Sideline Story hit stores on Sept. 27.

Cole, rejected in the early stages of his career by rapper and hip hop mogul Jay-Z, eventually became the first artist signed to HOV’s record label Roc Nation.

Cole World: The Sideline Story was preceded by several mix tapes including last year’s surprise hit Friday Night Lights, which featured such members of hip hops elite as Kanye West, Drake and Pusha T.

J. Cole, known for his lyrical talent, often makes reference to both his impoverished upbringing as well as his university education, a juxtaposition that is not often seen in the hip hop industry.

His method of storytelling and commitment to his performances is what gained him much popularity prior to the release of a studio album.

Cole takes his music to another level on Cole World, touching on some of the emotional topics that he previewed on Friday Night Lights. A noteable standout is the song “Lost Ones”, which tells the emotional story of a young couple weighing the issue of abortion.

Cole admits most of his songs are inspired by true events and his storyline’s often relate back to his Father who abandoned him at a young age. This depth is what makes Cole World a unique and outstanding listening experience.

A far cry from being the only ones enamored with J. Cole’s talent, the September issue of GQ Magazine praised him as being the “biggest rapper alive” on the cover and Rolling Stone featured an in depth video on their website of the rapper premiering his new song “Cole World” in Toronto last month.

With his debut album now in stores and the buzz only growing in the industry, J. Cole is setting himself up to lead the next generation of hip hop artists. It’s a Cole World, get your pea coats.

— Allie Hincks and Emily Frost,
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