Quad alight with Luminera

The quad outside the Fred Nichols Campus Centre (FNCC) was illuminated with candles last night as the poor weather failed to prevent the annual Luminera charity event from being a success.

Luminera candles were sold to raise money for Charity Ball, a committee that has chosen to support Epilepsy of Waterloo/Wellington this year.

“The weather may have put a damper on the bags but not on the spirits,” said this year’s Charity Ball co-ordinator Claire Petch.

“By showing all the lights in the quad with every different candle it really shows the difference that each person can make by buying one candle,” said Petch. “It’s just really great to have all the spirit of the community really come together for this night.”

Around 1,050 candles were sold in the days leading up to the event, far surpassing this year’s goal of 650, and exceeding the average of between 800 and 900 over the past few years.

Last year, Charity Ball executives told The Cord they had sold about 800 candles and expected to raise over $800, making this year’s Luminera even more successful than the last.

Though the organizers don’t yet know the total amount of money raised this year, Claire Petch is confident that the event was a financial success.

“It will depend on the bake sale and everything like that, but I know Monday alone sales were over $950 so we’re really happy with that.”