Putting flavour into that water

Graphic by Mitchell Cheeseman
Graphic by Mitchell Cheeseman

Everyone warns you to hydrate properly during the intense heat of the summer. But what happens when you get sick of plain old water? And what happens if you want to avoid drinks that are high in calories?

The only logical explanation is to infuse various fruits into your water. Not only is it a way to naturally flavour your water, it also helps with boosting your metabolism and maintaining a perfect summer body.

One of the best drinks for summer hydration are ones that are full of healthy fruits and spices that not only enhance the flavour of your water, but it comes with positive outcomes to the body, which is an added bonus.

By getting a pitcher of water and then adding strawberries and tangerines, you are not only cooling down from the intense heat but you are adding a large dosage of vitamin C into your diet and significantly boosting your metabolism.

This drink is part of the clean eating diet, as both strawberries and tangerines are organic and help cleanse the body by ridding it of all the toxins that come with negative effects.

Another zero calorie drink that will help hydrate during the summer heat is an apple cinnamon infused drink. The drink can be served as either a hot or cold drink and does wonders for the body.

Cinnamon is widely recognized for boosting one’s metabolism. Cinnamon can transform the body’s metabolic activity from fat making to fat-burning mode by increasing insulin sensitivity.

Each apple is loaded with 15 per cent of your daily-recommended fibre, which obstructs absorption of glucose in the bloodstream to help control blood glucose levels by slowing the absorption of dietary sugar intake.

Put the two together and what is the result? A delicious and refreshing drink that both hydrates and benefits the body. Once you’ve tasted this apple pie inspired drink, you may never want to go back to regular water ever again!

Finally, a drink that is composed of slices of lemon, cucumber and an array of mint leaves has been deemed the ultimate detox drink. All three ingredients are good for hydrating and removing impurities from the body. The lemon-mint-cucumber combination cleanses, aids in digestion and rehydrates.

There are many ways you can get creative when naturally flavouring your water for the summer. Make sure you do your research and see which foods go better together and drink up!

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