Pumpkin picking with The Cord!

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Karlis Wilde @ Dairy Queen

There is no poetry eloquent enough to adequately describe the beauty held within that blue and red paper cup.  

That spiced whip of cream and nutmeg, served inverted, red spoon diving into her luscious core, is a reminder that, yes, there is a god, and yes, he certainly loves you very, very much. 

In a world where pumpkin muffins are goodness and pumpkin lattes are salvation, the Pumpkin Pie Blizzard stands above them all at the gates of infinity, newly settled as the perfect, graham-cracker crusted be-all and end-all.  

For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever and ever, amen. 


Jake Watts  @ Starbucks

I recently decided to stop drinking coffee. I was getting in too much caffeine, and figured it would be good for my long-term heart health to switch to tea, many varieties of which sport a much lower caffeine content.  

However, I decided to make an exception of this new rule to try out Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte—or PSL, per their advertising.  

The PSL is a tasty but pricey drink. The espresso shot and steamed milk come with some sort of pumpkin flavoring and a nice topping of whipped cream. My favorite part was the whipped cream.  

 The drink is somewhat a novelty and also a source of joking and ridicule. It’s harmless to try—even if you have switched to drinking tea—and could provide a good point of reference for the cultural dialogue it has churned up.   

But I’m going to stick to tea.  


Shyenne MacDonald @ The Family Farm

Arguably the best part of a pumpkin is the seeds. Despite my family owning a pumpkin farm, I’ve never gotten adventurous with pumpkin recipes, except the seeds. Roasted, with salt, is of course the classic style.

There’s no point on dancing around here, fall comes once a year so don’t waste the opportunity by trying to be healthy.  

And try get the authentic seeds, which means you’ll have to gut a pumpkin. But trust that it would be infinitely better than what you’ll find at a grocer. Sure, it’s easier to just get them there but you lose out on the experience. 

Which is, undoubtedly, the best part of gathering pumpkin seeds. Munching on the fruits of your labour is half the enjoyment.  

It’s the only part of the pumpkin I thoroughly enjoy. Everything else, in my eyes, is merely good for decoration  


Nathalie Bouchard  @ Zoup

Soup is the epitome of warm meal to have on a crisp fall day. The Pumpkin Pie Bisque Soup at Zoup is a spicy, smooth, seasonal delight that takes the squash to the next level.  

The bisque is a savoury, sweet and satisfying delight which creates a blend of flavours that work with the cream based puree.  

This soup will have your taste buds Fall in love with this fall favourite of the soup franchise. Ultimately, Zoup Squashes the stereotype that Pumpkins are only good for coffee, pies, and jack-o-lanterns.   

The soup is also a good bang for your buck you can get a large meal size soup and complimentary bread roll for under 10 dollars with makes the soup taste even better.  

My only critique of the Bisque is that it’s not available all year around for weekly and monthly enjoyment. I’m not Pumpkinin’ around when I say that this bisque is the Pumpkin Pie delight you’ve been waiting for.  

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