Problems with OneCard

A glitch that occurred last semester in the program used to charge Wilf’s meals to students’ OneCards left many charges waiting in the system that had not been subtracted from students’ cards.

After noticing this problem only recently, the totals owed by students that had been building up since early last semester have now been taken off their OneCards.

“I can confirm that there was a glitch in our… system that we use at Wilf’s,” said food and beverage manager Rob Sexton.

“If a transaction took more than 15 seconds, rather than keeping it in queue and trying again later it just held it in queue and never tried charging again.”

Despite the problem being uncovered and the fact that many OneCards have suddenly had large amounts taken off that they believed was already paid, the average student was not made aware of the problem.

“This is the first time I’m hearing about it,” said first-year student Latania Hyatt, who used her OneCard at Wilf’s last semester.

Another first-year student, Andrew Windrem, who used his card at least once a month at Wilf’s, echoed Hyatt’s statement and explained that he had not been made aware of the situation prior to being interviewed.

Although the problem has been identified and steps have been taken to correct and monitor the problem, there is still a remaining deficit that will never be recovered.

Students, unaware that they had never been charged, continued to use their cards, and many now have insufficient funds remaining.

“I will say that the number of transactions that went through, we only got a portion of them back … there’s quite a substantial deficit on there which we’re obviously not doing anything about,” said Sexton.