Princess Cinema’s Quote-Along continues to draw crowd with Princess Bride

Photo by Madeline McInnis

It’s not every day you walk into a movie theatre to be greeted with a “Welcome to the Fire Swamp, watch out for the R.O.U.S.’s, but I don’t believe they exist.”

On Thursday, Princess Cinemas and the “folkes” from the Royal Medieval Faire hosted a The Princess Bride quote-along (think sing-along with subtitles instead of song lyrics).

They gave away free inflatable swords to the first 100 guests and the atmosphere was full of excitement.

The theatre was filled with children and children-at-heart for this sold out show.

Everyone seemed happy to spend their dreary Thursday night shouting at a screen over a movie they’ve probably seen more times than they can count.

This is one of many interactive films that The Princess screens throughout the year. Though the Rocky Horror Picture Show screenings around Halloween are arguably the most well-known in our university bubble, they also have a screening of The Room and their Oscar Night celebrations coming up in the next month.

So what makes these interactive events so successful?

Well, from what I experienced on Thursday, it’s getting involved in something that you already love.

Before the show, one of the ladies from the Royal Medieval Faire asked the audience to shout their favourite quote, then joked that we didn’t even need to screen the movie: we could all just quote it by heart.

I think that’s a good summary of how the evening went. Everyone was excited to be there and there was an expectation of fun from people who already loved this film.

It’s not like going to see the latest blockbuster and giving it a value judgement when you finish. All the guests have an expectation of a great film and getting involved with the crowd.

As a film studies major, my professors always stress the experience of sitting in a darkened room with other people and how that changes the viewing of the film.

But this wasn’t just a screening, it was an interaction with the film. You can’t have that watching Netflix in your room alone.

These events also go beyond the usual theatre experience. You can participate as much as you want without fear of scorn from the staff or the other viewers. In fact, you’ll probably be the most popular person there if you talk the whole time.

On the event’s Facebook page, costumes were strongly encouraged. I tried to pull off my best last-minute Buttercup, but I saw some amazing Inigo and Dread Pirate Roberts costumes, even beyond the Royal Medieval Fair participants.

The lucky 100 raised their swords during appropriate scenes. The famous quotes from the movie like “murdered by pirates is good” and “I’m not a witch, I’m your wife,” were crowd favourites.

People cheered when major events unfolded. There were some very Rocky Horror-esque interjections, responding to the characters’ dialogue. There was a round of applause at the end.

Someone even brought a kazoo to “play along” with the trumpeters of Humperdink’s court.

Even after the screening ended and the participants started to leave, there was nothing but praise from the people who walked by me.

I agree with them. It was a really great time.

If you’re into the cult-film scene or are even just interested in it, I’d highly recommend the Princess’ showings.

Though I am “no one of consequence,” you shouldn’t “get used to disappointment” if you’re planning to check out one of these special screenings. It’s “inconceivable” that you’ll have anything but an amazing time.

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