Political correctness is superfluous


Political correctness is overrated.

While good intentioned, this movement places too much emphasis on the usage of correct terms and terminologies.

What bothers me is how fixated people are about “PC.”

Due to the mass spread of PC culture, critical comments can get misinterpreted as hate speech.

The “black economy” is now called the “informal economy.” I doubt there are millions of black people who cannot sleep at night knowing that someone is calling the informal economy black.

The PC movement has sugar-coated our basic day-to-day conversations and has retrogressed our nation into a bunch of whiny kids.

When discussing topics like race, gender, body type, sexual orientation and skin colour, one is no longer allowed to have honest, critical perspectives.

Somehow it has become more important that we use one term or the other instead of addressing the real issues; we spend too much time thinking of PC so as not to offend anyone.

 In today’s society, one has the right to free speech as long as one abides by the modern PC garbage.

But if one chooses to disagree with it, then his or her personality, attitude, opinions and profession immediately come under fire. One cannot joke nor have an opinion without the constant fear of being penalized for it.

The PC movement has replaced terms like “garbage man” and “housewife” to “sanitation engineer” and “domestic engineer.”

This is ridiculous.

As I student, I am ashamed of the usage of the term “engineer” out of context.

Not only is this insulting to engineers who have a formal education to fit the definition, these titles make no sense compared to their original ones.

 The PC movement guilt trips individuals for their linguistic choices and, frankly, I am tired of it.

I am of tired of learning a new name tag everyday just to stick it on people.

I am tired of being called a racist for not using the latest language that society insists I use.

Most of all, I am tired of seeing everyone living in fear. I am truly disheartened with this burden of censorship each time I decide to utter a few words. I feel the PC movement is responsible for the demise of public liberty.

 I do not care if someone is gay, lesbian, white, brown, Asian, black, a housewife, a garbage collector, a midget, fat, tall, skinny or handicapped.

These definitions make no real difference to me.

What I really care about is how people behave and who they are.

What matters is what people have done with what they have, not the name tag that reduces them to their un-normalness.

I would rather be correct than politically correct.

 Where I feel PC has gone haywire is when people are on a lookout for ways to get offended and complain.

When people use political correctness to draw attention to their differences as a crutch in order to blame the world for their miseries, the PC movement has been taken way too far.

This obsession with being politically correct has taken the focus away from seeing people or who they really are and tackling the real issues of discrimination.
We all come from different walks of life.

We are different from one another in many ways. Rather than fixating on what is and isn’t politically correct, we should celebrate that uniqueness.

PC terms:
Failure: Deferred success
Ghetto: Economically disadvantaged area
Janitor: Custodial artist
Midget: Vertically challenged
Ugly: Visually challenging
LGBTTIQQ2S: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Transgendered, Intersexual, Queer, Questioning, 2-Spirited
Alive: Temporarily metabolically abled
Dead: Living impaired
Poor: Financially inept
Homeless: Residentially flexible
Gas Station Attendant: Petroleum transfer technician
Mother: Female parental unit engineer
Redneck: Rustically inclined
Logger: Paper Pirate
Incompetent: Uniquely Proficient
Abortion: Near-Life Experience
Cannibalism: Intra-Species Dining

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