Chicken eating contest uncivilized

I am writing in order to address some particularly troubling ramifications of the annual Chicken Eating Contest this past Thursday.

All vegetarian based arguments aside (not to say they are unimportant or irrelevant), this event is offensively problematic.

The very nature of the event serves as nothing more than a means in which to showcase the privilege and food security of participants, and by extension the Laurier community.

The raw gluttony of the competition that saw the excess consumption of animal products for the sake of entertainment is not only disgusting but offensive.

There are people within this community that lack the means to even afford such products and yet we will throw that right back in their faces.

Our privilege has never shone so bright. Consider that the event was undertaken as a means to collect canned goods for those in need, and yet the posters were entirely absent of such information.

If the event genuinely expected to gather as many goods as possible this would have been included.

So would have been the organization, ROOF, of which the event was to benefit. These points were entirely missing.

The use of such an event to support those in need smacks of outright indecency and utter offense and has no place in any effort for social change.

Thanks Boar’s Head for maintaining our privilege.

–Adam Lewis