Outdoor activities in Waterloo

The Winter can sometimes be a little intense in the Waterloo Region, so we’ve put together a list of winter activities in this city to give you some ideas on how to make the most out of the cold.

Ski and snowboard

Located at 396 Morrison Road, Kitchener, Chicopee Ski & Summer Resort is a short drive or bus away from Laurier. Chicopee provides a modest hill that can turn into an exciting day for you and your roommates.

Lift pass prices are $33 for 2 hours, $38 for 4 hours and $44 for a day-pass. They also have a special “Ski Down Wednesdays” where all-day lift passes sell for $31. So get a crew, pitch on gas and remember ladies and gentlemen, don’t be a hero, wear a helmet.

Outdoor skating rinks

There are over 50 skating rinks in Kitchener-Waterloo. Run by volunteers, these rinks are typically kept in great shape with the masterpiece right in front of city hall in downtown Kitchener.

Closer to the school, there is a skating rink in the public square in Waterloo’s Uptown. After 9 p.m. you can typically find a pick-up game of hockey, Canadian-style, using boots as goal posts.

Other rinks in closest proximity to the school are Mary-Allen Park Rink, Winston Churchill School Rink, Stillmeadow Park Rink and Regency Park Rink. A quick Google search should do the trick in order to find their exact locations.

So throw some brews on the ice, and get your feet moving at these perfect spots for a date or a pick-up game of hockey.

Waterloo Park

There are a ton of cool things to do in Waterloo Park during the winter. Located right beside Seagram Stadium Waterloo Park is a common destination for Laurier students.

On a lowly Saturday, how about getting a group together and go tobogganing? There are many slopes in the park that any group of good-spirited WLU students can turn into a fun time.

Why not break out the old cross country skis or snowshoes and utilize the groomed trails that run through the park? It’s a great workout and should only be topped off with a cup of hot chocolate (Baileys optional).

If all those activities are lost on you and your friends, make a snowman, built a snow fort, and even snow angels are fun for about a second. Top off your trip to Waterloo Park by giving a friend a snow-job – I promise it’s not nearly as promiscuous as it sounds.

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