Open Cord (June 30): First pop culture crush

Graphic by Wade Thompson.

Question: Simple enough: who was your first, true, pop culture crush?? Can be real or fictional.


Stephanie Truong, Graphics Editor

I’m sure there were many crushes preceding this one, but this particular crush has definitely resonated the deepest with me. Seth Cohen from The O.C. I remember being 13 and finding a photo of him in one of my really embarrassing teeny bopper magazines and then started watching The O.C. because of it. Frankly, I still adore him and I think I will for a very long time. He embodies literally everything I find charming. Everything from his quirkiness, sarcasm, nerdiness, lankiness and treasured morning ritual — coffee, bagel, arts and leisure —  just make me melt into a little puddle. Adam Brody himself is already quite the handsome fellow, but paired with the golden personality and comical neurosis of the adorable Seth Cohen, he is just irresistible to me.

Carly Basch, Life Editor

Notebook, Shmotebook! When I wasn’t trying to sneak behind my mom’s back to stay up and watch Breaker High on YTV, my heart would melt for Ryan Gosling on Young Hercules. I don’t even remember if the show was actually good, I just loved the fact that for half an hour, Gosling’s face was on the screen the majority of the time and he was playing a famous Greek demigod. When he was cast in Remember the Titans and does that goofy little dance in the dorm room? You bet I watched that part over and over and over again. I nod my head to all the girls who had a crush on the goofy blonde guy running around as Hercules or attending class on a boat before he became Noah.

Marissa Evans, Lead Reporter

I’m probably going to have to go with Prince Eric from Disney’s The Little Mermaid for this one. Maybe it’s weird that I chose an animated character, but I have my reasons! I used to watch The Little Mermaid a lot as a kid. Naturally, I was pretty attached to the characters. I don’t think I ever really had a huge crush on Eric. It’s more like this: if Eric was a real-life person, I think he’d be super attractive. If he wasn’t just an animated character I’d probably have a crush on him. What can I say? Blue eyes, strong sailing arms and he saves his girl by ramming a ship into a sea witch — only the manliest of men do that.

Alanna Fairey, Lead Reporter

As a loyal 90s kid, my first real crush was on Justin Timberlake after listening to ‘N’Sync. I have always had a HUGE thing for blondes with blue eyes and J.T. had all of those stellar qualities I liked. And the way he rocks that body? What is a girl to do if not gush over him? He was my first crush before I knew what a crush was; while all my friends talked about how they liked the scrawny and snot-nosed kids in our grade one classes, I was too busy swooning over Justin Timberlake to notice the other kids! What can I say? I have always preferred the company of men, not boys. Though I still appreciate his good looks, I have since moved on to another member of a current popular boy band — Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. British accent, blue eyes, hilarious personality and immense amount of talent, I was bound to fall victim to this new crush. Plus, who hasn’t fallen in love with One Direction at this point? I have no shame in admitting my love here. Maybe preppy guys in boy bands are my weakness nowadays.

Justin Fauteux, Editor-in-Chief

This one took me a second to think of. I’m not sure why, but I kept wanting to say the pink Power Ranger, even though I know as a kid I just thought of her as a yucky girl and a blatant weak link on the team. Then it hit me like a ton of gorgeous English bricks: Ginger Spice. Let’s put it this way, I sat through the entirety of Spice World… without my little sister. Clearly, I didn’t do it for the acting. I always thought Geri (I even took the time to learn her real name back then) blew the rest of the group away, not just in terms of looks (remember that Union Jack dress?), but her accent was also by far the sexiest. So thank you Ms. Halliwell, for making me invariably think inappropriate thoughts any time I see Great Britain’s flag.

Elizabeth DiCesare, Campus News Editor

When I was five I was convinced that one day I would marry Casey Jones, the badass vigilante of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series who fought with cricket bats. (And yes, I am talking about both the 1987 animated series and the 1990 film.) Maybe it was his hilarious choice of weapons, or maybe it was his mysterious choice of wearing a hockey mask to hide his identity, but that man swept me away. It even got to a point where I despised April O’Neil in the original film because she happened to be the one that Casey wanted to date instead of me. That really broke my heart. My feelings were saved, however, because in the animated series Casey had no obvious love interests, so I could keep swooning over him and waiting for the day when he would call me either “babe” or “sweetheart.”

Katelyn Cullum, Lead Reporter

I’m sure if I went back and asked my younger self this question, I would definitely not get this answer because frankly, I wasn’t so “young” when this movie came out and therefore probably had lots of other, less memorable crushes. However, I can’t seem to shake this beautiful image out of my head so I’m just going to say it: Zac Efron from High School Musical 1, 2 and 3. Judge me, whatever, I’m over it. But let me just tell you, when that movie premiered on the disney channel (which I still loyally watch), I was on cloud freakin’ nine. A guy that can sing and dance AND play sports? Like c’mon. As the movies progressed, my love for Troy Bolton grew, and when the third installment hit theatres, I skipped school and went on opening day (I was in grade 12… sssh, don’t tell anyone). Anyways, I’ve been an avid follower of Zac since that first movie and secretly hope everyday that my life will turn into a musical and Zac Efron will serenade me.

Gillian Lopes, Copy Editing Manager

Well, since I already ranted about Westley from The Princess Bride in a previous Open Cord, I will come up with another one that is more … interesting. Most of you can probably recall the 1995 movie (yes, that far back) Casper. Yep. Casper was adorable as the friendly ghost with a crush on Kat, a girl who moves into his mansion.  He tries to become human, eventually getting his wish and has until the end of a Halloween party to dance with Kat. Human Casper (Devon Sawa) was definitely one of my big crushes from a young age, and who doesn’t like Casper?! Plus, kisses were a big deal, and while he and Kat lean in, he turns back into a ghost. I was definitely envious of that girl! He was the typical “nice guy” that got the girl in the end … well, sort of.

Wade Thompson, Visual Director

There were two that immediately came to mind for this one. The first was back during my hockey obsessed days when I would watch The Mighty Ducks trilogy over and over again. It was the ever adorable and token “girl” of the team Connie Moreau (played by Margurite Moreau) who caught my eye from those movies. Definitely found myself hoping to best that loser Guy Germaine who I never understood how he got a girl like Connie. Then, of course, there was the short time in which I crushed pretty hard on Stephanie Tanner from Full House. Of course, back before the days of her being a crack addict, she was the hilariously, sarcastic and cute middle sister of the Bob Saget clan. I couldn’t help myself. She just always had the right jab at the right moment. Fuck Kimmy Gibbler, right Steph?? Right.

Shelby Blackley, Sports Editor

During those summers that I spent at my next door neighbour’s — who owns a daycare — on days where I was bored to death while the other kids slept, I always turned the TV on to a show I never could get enough of. For some reason, I found myself drooling over the bad boy Pacey Witter of Dawson’s Creek. Why? I couldn’t really tell you. Maybe it was the fact that I am such a keener that his opposite persona was fresh and exciting. Or maybe it was that I’ve always loved Joshua Jackson, even to his days of being the awesome Charlie Conway in The Mighty Ducks (thanks Wade for stealing my movie!). Sad to think I was only 5 when the show came out. Regardless, I always loved Pacey and found his strange habits so intriguing — until he slept with his teachers.

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