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(Graphic by Wade Thompson).

Q: What is your favourite/the most memorable TV show theme song, and why?

Carly Basch, Life Editor

I Dream of Jeannie. I know what you’re thinking, this show is from the ’60s, so how does I Dream of Jeannie become my favourite and most memorable theme song? There was a channel that would play I Dream of Jeannie all the time and my mom thought I would like it. She was right, I loved that show (and the song). It’s so cute and catchy not to mention, fun to dance along to. Ferris Bueller would have to agree with me on this one.

Marissa Evans, Lead Reporter

Teen Titans. When I was in grade six, my sister and I were obsessed with this show. Good old YTV. And we would listen to the theme song all the time. I still think it’s pretty catchy.

Stephanie Truong, Graphics Editor

My most memorable and favourite TV show theme song would be Friends. The Remembrandts, I do not know if you have had any other songs over the years but to me, this is your one and only tune. You try resisting the clapping sequence… I dare you to not clap. I DARE YOU.

Elizabeth DiCesare, Campus News Editor

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES!! Heroes in a half shell, TURTLE POWER! They’re the world’s most fearsome fighting team.

Alanna Fairey, Lead Reporter

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I do not even think I need an explanation for this. I literally can’t think of one person who does not find this catchy. I quietly (blatantly) judge anyone who doesn’t like this song.

Kate Turner, Photography Manager

Nothing will ever be better than Full House. Nothing. Ever.

Wade Thompson, Visual Director

I’ve had a hard time narrowing down which one I wanna go with, so instead I’ll name three theme songs that have stayed with me over all of these years. The first is Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers. Arguably the greatest opening to any of the “Disney Afternoon” shows. I say arguably, because one must not forget the brilliance of the other crime fighting show in that block, Darkwing Duck. What can I say, those are two that I still find myself humming on a pretty regular basis. But the other entry that I would hate myself for not including, is possibly my favourite show I used to watch as a tween. Hell, the day they release this show on DVD, I will be the first person in line to buy it. Breaker High, you will forever be the greatest.

Justin Fauteux, Editor-in-Chief

I don’t think anything brings a smile to face faster than the Duck Tales theme song. I mean, come on “Duck Tales, oo wee oo,” on top of that awesome ‘90s music, nothing  says, “you’re in for a half hour of awesome adventure” quite like it. I also have to give honourable mention to what is probably my favourite cartoon of all time. Nothing made me happier than coming home from school and watching some poorly animated crime solving, and that theme song just made me giddy (the 1969 original, not any of those bullshit reboots. Simple Plan did the most recent theme song, Simple Plan!).

Lindsay Purchase, Local and National Editor

I probably would have said Friends, but in the interest of not repeating an answer, I’m going to go with Bananas in Pyjamas. I mean, come on. It sounds like they say “underwears” at the end. You can’t beat that.

Katelyn Cullum, Lead Reporter

Steph stole my answer, consider that the end of our friendship. One a lighter note, I guess my second-favourite theme song from a TV show is The Big Bang Theory. Simply because it’s by the Barenaked Ladies and I’m also in love with Sheldon Cooper. IT ALL STARTED WITH A BIG BANG. (no pun intended). Also, we can be friends again Steph!

Jeremy Enns, Lead Videographer

Let’s be real for a second. What beats the theme for song for Bill Nye The Science Guy? Is inertia a property of matter? Of course it is.

Ali Connerty, Arts Editor

Beyond all of the amazing sitcom theme songs on television, I think Pokemon would have to be one of my favourites. Even just hearing the beginning of it now brings me back to watching 4 p.m. cartoons after school. Gotta Catch ‘em all!

Devon Butler, Opinion Editor

Despite my love for all the catchy ’90s theme songs like Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Boy Meets World, the one that gets stuck in my head the most is the Arthur Theme Song. The lyrics are deep, the melody is addictive and Arthur is probably the greatest show, ever.

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