Open Cord: Our favourite songs of the summer

(Graphic by Wade Thompson).
(Graphic by Wade Thompson).

Q: It’s (almost) summer. So that means cottages, beers, patios and good music. In celebration of the best season almost being here, what is your summer anthem?

Jody Waardenburg, Lead Photographer:

I’m not sure if I really have a specific song in mind for summer, but there is this band called The Radical Something that I recently discovered that just gets me in the mood for summer. Their albums have this chill California beach feel to the music as it incorporates ukulele as well as a mix of rapping and singing. I just feel like sitting by the pool and having a cooler on a nice summer night when I listen to them.

Ashley Denuzzo, Lead Reporter:

In the depths of the blistering summer sun, I somehow manage to always get my groove on once Will Smith’s seductive voice blares “Miami” through the speakers. It’s retro, it’s super relevant to the season, and it makes me fantasize about Will strolling down the Miami blvd shirtless. Also, it’s really hard to not hilariously imitate those back up singers when they say “bienvenido a Miami”

Marissa Evans, Campus News Editor:

I tend to listen to the same small selection of songs over and over again until I get sick of them, then I buy a few new songs that I really like and start the process over again. So I don’t have a particular song that sounds like summer whenever it comes on- it changes every year for me. This year I think it’s going to end up being Just Keeping Breathing by We The Kings. The song is somehow both upbeat and calming at the same time. It’s fast paced enough that I can listen to it on my runs, but also the perfect driving song to blare with your windows down, and on the nights when I can’t get to sleep I can still listen to it without it keeping me up even more. It’s definitely worth a listen and the best part is that We The Kings is also a cool band who produced the song by themselves!

Lindsay Purchase, Senior News Editor:

My summer anthem tends to change each year to whatever current song I love blasting with my windows down, but one that stays constant is Len’s Steal My Sunshine. I mean, it says the word “sunshine” about 100 times in under 4:00 minutes – it doesn’t get much more summery than that. Plus it’s late 90s music, which just takes it up an extra notch.

Alanna Fairey, Life Editor:

As most of the answers have been so far, my summer anthem tends to change every summer depending on which song is on constant replay on the radio. However, I always go back to those songs from the past. I am a country girl at heart, so those closest to me aren’t surprised when I have “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” by Jake Owen and “Drunk on You” by Luke Bryan on replay during the warm months of summer. These songs bring me back to those warm summer nights, having bonfires and keggers with my friends and they just remind me of why I hate winter so much because these are the nights that I dream of the most. Plus it’s a bonus that Jake Owen and Luke Bryan are both so sexy.

Shelby Blackley, Sports Editor:

Yes, it’s a habit to come back to country, especially in the summer. Notoriously known for its upbeat classics, I fill my playlists with country beats and the random top 40 or indie tunes. But the consistently favourite summer song has to be Something Like That (BBQ Stain) by Tim McGraw. Always a classic to play. It has such an upbeat tone, it always gets in the mood for the summer and I can never bring myself to skip over it. The heart don’t forget something like that.

Kate Turner, Visual Director:

My summer time favourite recently resonated in me. Before a couple summers ago, I just brushed this song off because my parents love it, but then I realized they were on to something. Kim Mitchell’s Patio Lanterns is without a doubt my go-to summer song. Driving around with the windows down and this glorious anthem blaring is damn satisfying, especially if you’re singing along. Yes, its an old song. Yes, my parents also love it. Yes, the dude has a lady’s name. But hell, I just can’t get enough of it.

Lena Yang, Graphics Editor:

Every year for the past four years or so I have relied on the Warped Tour compilation CD whose release coincides with the kickoff of Warped Tour which, give or take a few days, falls about a week before the official first day of summer. I suppose the songs on these CDs are not typically the type of songs to grace the slew of summer playlists on 8tracks, but hell, there is no better way to get pumped up for this gargantuan music festival on wheels. This year, since I can’t attend the festival, I have opted for a brand new playlist. One song in particular that has really put me in a summer mood despite the awfully cold weather is Shake It Out by Florence + the Machine. This song is unbelievably uplifting and it’s perfect for lazy days by the pool, a run by the lake, or a long drive with the windows down and the wind in your hair.

Justin Smirlies, Editor-in-Chief:

When I think of summer, I typically think of cottages — sitting by the fire, chatting it up with your friends and the consumption of alcohol. And when it comes to cottages, I like relaxing music, and if the band has a Canadian flavour to them, then it’s the perfect combination for a weekend away in the (almost) wilderness. So, as a result, my favourite song (and band) to play during the summer, especially during the warm summer evenings, is “Young Leaves” by Attack in Black. It’s so unfortunate that they’re no longer a band.

Dani Saad, Opinion Editor:

I’ve never really had a go-to summer song but one of my faves that definitely works as a summer song is Eddie Vedder’s “Hard Sun”. It is a cover by Vedder and it was featured on the Into the Wild soundtrack so I guess the imagery of the film makes the song work on a whole other level. Specifically, it is a fantastic cottage track.

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