Oct. 28, 2009

5 years: Fine arts program cut

It was announced that Laurier’s fine arts program would soon be cancelled. Students currently enrolled in the program would be allowed to finish their degree; however, no new students were allowed to apply and fine arts classes would no longer be offered at the school.

Printed Oct. 20, 2004

25 years: Talks commence regarding a new Radio Laurier

In 1984, talks began about relaunching the Radio Laurier program as it was not a functioning group on campus at the time. Though the radio station launched in 1969 as Radio Lutheran, its license was revoked in 1979 due to high cost of fixing faulty equipment. A first-year computing student began doing research into what was needed to start the station up again. While student fees would need to be increased to fund the station, the Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union board of directors were interested in supporting Radio Laurier.

Printed on Oct. 25, 1984

50 years: Lack of parking addressed

It was reported that in the Nov. 4 election students would be voting on whether or not they would like an additional parking lot on campus, which they would have to pay for. At this time the Seagram stadium lot was the only parking space available on campus and it was free of charge. Students had to decide if they would like to pay $15-20 to get a second, more accessible lot.

Printed Oct. 30, 1959