Oct. 28, 2009

“I would assume that as soon as I walk in there, I would get punched in the face. That would be the cover charge.”
–Canadian actor Paul Bates, who is in KW filming the new series Dan for Mayor, on his initial impression of the Waterloo bar Chainsaw.

“It just seems that Laurier is going through some bad management.”
–Fourth-year Laurier student Anatolijs Venovcevs, speaking about the current state of the university.

“We’ve had some adversity and there have probably been some people who had some questions, but we didn’t have any.”
–Manager of football operations and head coach Gary Jeffries on his team’s second place finish.

“Once you start dealing with large corporations, they’re really not interested in hearing what regular people have to say about their policies.”
–Laurier student and AW@L member Adam Lewis, who participated in the protest against RBC on Friday because of the company’s involvement with the 2010 Olympic games.

“It is my opinion, as vice-president university affairs, the $6,000 will create a large enough benefit to our lobby efforts with OUSA that the payoffs will be seen by our student body.”
–Kory Preston, Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union vice-president of university affairs, regarding the Ontario Undergraduate Students Alliance fee increase of $0.50 per student, which totals approximately $6000 for Laurier.

“You can’t take a 2000 or 3000 year-old document and expect it to be a moral and ethical authority for today because our consciousness has evolved.”
–Susan Howard, a teacher for the Unity Centre, a non-denominational church in Kitchener, on the application of the Bible to today’s beliefs and understanding of homosexuality.

“You could feel your chest moving with that music going right through you.”
–Director of student services Dan Dawson recalling his favourite show at Laurier, the Tea Party and Big Sugar who played the Turret in the mid-’90s.

“I’ve never been much for making favourites, I like them all.”
–Wilf Tschirart, an 88-year-old geography and environmental studies student who will be receiving his PhD this Friday, responding to which professor at Laurier is his favourite.

“It is impossible to expect the people to want to return home when they have no access to clean water.”
–Tony Onono, a local Acholi who runs the NGO Village of Hope in the resettled communities of northern Uganda.

“After today’s loss … I feel embarrassed for the program. This will stay with me for a long, long time.”
–Men’s soccer head coach Mario Halapir after the team’s 4-0 loss to Brock. The loss cost the team a spot in the playoffs.

“After this game I think we’ve proven that we can beat anyone.”
–Laurier quarterback Evan Pawliuk, following the football team’s upset of undefeated Queen’s.