Oct. 14, 2010

The police is a force that’s really
stifling dissent.” —Rachel Avery,
member of AW@L

“Laurier is a community where any disrespectful behaviour directed at any student, staff or faculty will not be tolerated. “
—Leanne Holland Brown, Laurier Waterloo dean of students

“You know, you have to use some common sense in today’s world because you know there are some bad people out there.”
—Rod Curran, director of Laurier’s special constable services

“We have educational programs we follow up with whenever there’s an act of hate, so there is that educational aspect to that hate crime.”
—Adam Lawrence, manager of diversity and equity

“I’ve never met mass murderers before. It’s really different once you have met them. It’s really different studying them in films and books and then meeting them in person.”
—Madelaine Hron, English professor re: conducting research in Rwanda