Nov. 18, 2009


“We once got a really really awful review….The person dedicated the better part of the article to slagging us even though we were the opener of three bands.”
–Frontman of We Are The Take Erik Alcock, on his band’s biggest accomplishment

“Overall, we need to work on everything, we’re just not doing a very good job in any area.”
–Men’s volleyball coach Shayne White, following the loss to Waterloo this weekend. The team has lost five straight matches and hasn’t won since their season-opener against last-place Royal Military College

“I was so sick my mom wouldn’t give me a hug, she was just like ‘go to your bed.’”
–Laurier student Liz Perkins who was misdiagnosed with H1N1 when she had strep throat

“We wanted to build a product that would change people’s lives. We had no idea what it would become.”
–Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook, who spoke at UW on Monday as part of Communitech’s Entrepreneur Week

“They have existed all throughout history. They’ve been respected and honored; it’s not like today where people refer to trans as weird or something they don’t know about.”
–Rainbow Centre executive volunteer co-ordinator Jocelyne Faubert Tetreault about the different approaches towards transgendered people throughout history

“The reality is we’re all getting closer even though everything’s so far away.”
–Administrative assistant at Laurier International Carly Bedini on the importance of International Week, which is currently being celebrated at Laurier

“The first annual film festival was held in my living room, so we are happy to have it grow with the general community.”
–Dharma Centre spiritual co-ordinator Susan Child about the annual Buddhist Film Festival, which is now in its sixth year

“We just want to give back to the community.”
–Waterbuffs executive Thomas Gaylor on the $2,250 that the Waterbuffs and Morty’s donated to a Waterloo breakfast program for underprivileged children

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