Nov. 18, 2009


5 years: Laurier archaeologist wins cyberlibel case

A prehistoric archaeologist associated with Wilfrid Laurier University was awarded $125,000 in damages in one of Canada’s first “cyberlibel” cases. It was reported that a Canadian man had circulated a defamatory e-mail about the archaeologist, including that he was a grave robber.

Printed Nov. 17, 2004

25 years: WLUSU adopts ‘peanuts’ slogan

“Nuts to underfunding” became the official slogan for the Wilfrid Laurier University’s protest against a lack of funding for post-secondary institutes in the province. The university held both a rally in the Concourse as well as a “study-in” which was intended to symbolize the desire students have for accessible, quality education. Students were asked to donate change for a small package of peanuts and any money generated from the sales were to be sent to Bette Stephenson, minister of colleges and universities.

Printed Nov. 15, 1984

50 years: Engineers defeat arts students in football game

In the annual football game between the faculty of engineering and faculty of arts, the engineers proved victorious, winning the game by a score of 14-1. The engineers used fakes to baffle their opponents and sneak through with the ball.

Printed Nov. 20, 1959

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