No jeans week

I don’t know about anyone else, but when it starts to get cold outside, I always find myself in a rut.

It’s no secret that jeans are both comfortable and convenient, but putting on jeans and a pair of boots every day can become really repetitive when it feels like the only thing you ever wear.

For anyone who reads fashion blogs, a really popular topic to talk about is to trying out different challenges. Some are a bit out there – Sheena Matheiken from the Uniform Project wore the same dress styled in different way for a year straight! Others are a little easier to follow – such as the one I chose: wearing no jeans for a full week.

Lucky for me, the weather was beautiful last week, so it wasn’t so much of a challenge for me as it was encouragement to play dress up in my closet and break out some favourite items that are typically more appropriate for warmer weather. Plus, I have the advantage of being a girl so I have a multitude of options.

Here are some sets that are similar to what I wore last week. Even though it was warm outside, I made sure to focus on layering (temperatures in the evening tend to drop in Waterloo) and used a mix of summer and fall clothes to ensure that I wasn’t too hot, but I wasn’t freezing.

alt text

Necklace: Garage ($13.90), Cardigan: Aritzia ($80), Shorts: American Eagle Outfitters ($40.08), Ribbed Tank: Forever 21 ($4.50), Tights: H&M ($12.95), Boots: Aldo ($99.98, on clearance)

alt text

Earrings: Forever 21 ($4.80), Ring: H&M ($12.95), Casbah Pant: Aritzia ($110), Sweater: H&M ($34.95), Wedges: H&M ($49.95)

Of course, there are other options to wear such as skirts, dresses and leggings (a popular campus alternative), but usually I like to throw on a different kind of pant just to mix up my daily routine.

However, if you feel like going all out, here’s another option for you:

alt text

Leaf Cuff: Aldo ($16), Scale Tights: Urban Outfitters ($7.99, on sale), Sweater Dress: Urban Outfitters ($29.99, on sale), Necklace: Urban Oufitters ($19.99, online only), Boots: Aldo ($180).

I love me some sweater dresses and funky tights.

I realized I incorporated “faux” denim and jean shorts with these options, which I know counts a little as cheating, but still shows a way to break out of the usual skinny jeans.

So what did you think? Would you ever consider giving up your jeans for a couple of days?

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