New Years is not the only launching pad for success

Check your calendars. It’s almost time to hit the gym, eat healthier, read more books, get better grades, start a life-changing project, find the love of your life and become better all around as a person.

Wait, wasn’t all of this said last year?

A hunger for self-improvement starts growling at the end of every year. Countless people look forward to another 365 days of opportunity.

The idea that the calendar is coming to an end gives a sense of finality to all of the bad or negative things we’ve done in our life, pushing people to pursue “better” when the calendar turns another year.

But why do we wait until the start of a new year to start knocking on the doors of life-changing possibility?

If you ask us, there’s no date required to unlock your potential and open up.

Instead of pondering about our deepest aspirations and deciding what will make this year different from others, jump into action. Now. Whether you’re going to start a new diet, work on a new routine, find a better inner core or just want to be happier, you shouldn’t be putting a time stamp on self-improvement.

There’s no time to wait. The perfect moment will never arise.

We as students see the new year as a beacon of hope — a getaway helicopter at the end of a battlefield of exam stress, failed expectations and general disappointment.

It’s an oasis of renewal that justifies the sudden crowding of gyms, shopping carts loaded with broccoli, long lines at bookstores and system overloads on Tinder.

Why do we all chose to change our lives in synchronization?

Holding off your goals until the beginning of the year increases chances of getting a faltered start. We’re not saying you should run before you can walk; we’re saying there should be no delay in taking the first step.

The start of a year shouldn’t be the only highway for driving ambition forward. The road starts whenever you turn the ignition.

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