Negativity is unnecessary going into the new year


Graphic by Meaghan Ince

It is safe to say that 2016 sucked a lot. Celebrities were dropping dead left, right and centre. It seemed terrorist attacks became more common and don’t get me started on “Donald the D**k” (as I like to call him).

For this new year, I suggest something obvious that some may see as radical: let’s cut it out with the negativity and actually try to get along.

Has anyone else noticed how negative everyone seems to be? News channels, social media, obsessive nationalism and social activist groups all seem to have a large negative stick up their asses and are pushing negativity to a whole new level.

The main reason for it is simple: people refuse to get along and live peacefully with others.

There are two reasons why we don’t get along. The first one is diversity. Human beings come in all different shapes, sizes and colours — of course we are going to be different.

There are humans that are tall, short, white, black, tanned, skinny, fat and “swole” — being different doesn’t make us weird.

Mankind is basically a bowl of party mix; it’s a variety of different looking snacks mixed together.

The second reason for the constant negativity is that we believe we deserve special treatment.

As a human being, you deserve to be treated the same as everyone else, no more and no less. This is where social activist groups like feminists, LGBTQ rights, or Black Lives Matter come in. They are arguing that they should be treated equally, which is 100 per cent fair.

In society today, marginalized groups are totally mistreated and there is a clear problem that needs to be addressed. But when they are being extremely negative and try to jam everything down our throats, we will not listen and we will not care about their causes.

Being negative and feeling superior will turn people away from you. I should know because I’ve done that before.

In my last article I talked about a girl named Heroin who broke my heart over a text. Well, for months after I was extremely depressed and I shoved it in everyone’s face. I wanted people to know that I was screwed over and wanted that attention.

At first, they listened to me. But as time went on and the more negative I got, the more people stopped caring and started getting annoyed. I was looking for special treatment instead of getting along with others.

So for 2017, let’s not be so gloomy, but look to work together and cut the melodramatics.

This week, my mom, Caron, who showed me that it is better to get along with people than to be negative, will be undergoing heart surgery.

While I’m encouraging everyone to try out positivity, I’m also sending you love, mom.

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