Musicians compete for “Best Band” title

On Sunday night Maxwell’s Music House in Uptown Waterloo hosted an event called “The Best Band Battle.” The competition, which spans over the period of many weeks, involves 15 bands all vying to be named “Best Band.”

This year marks the fourth installment of Maxwell’s “Best Band Battle.”

The final round is scheduled for Sunday Dec. 11, when the four top bands will compete in front of major agency judges, with prizes that include an opening slot for a major industry band and event, and a management package from Maxwell’s Music House including coaching sessions and professional jam space on the Maxwell’s stage.

On Sunday night, four of these fifteen bands performed in front of a crowd of their peers and a panel of judges at Maxwell’s.

Sunday’s acts included The Badly Sketched Poets, Leaving on Tuesday, Pilot Project and The Random Family.

Impressively, the four relatively unknown local bands garnered a great deal of support and turnout for the event, showing their own solid bases of loyal supporters. Maxwell’s was packed with people from many different age groups, with family and friends of the bands in attendance.

Their ability to entertain individuals from such different age groups reflects on the talents of these young bands, and perhaps acts as a preview of the successes in their musical futures.

The atmosphere of the competition was friendly and welcoming; looking around, it was plain to see the level of enjoyment experienced by those in the crowd.

All four bands kept the audience in good spirits with their upbeat tunes and catchy lyrics, delivering a memorable night for music enthusiasts.

These bands were all examples of emerging talent around the Kitchener-Waterloo area that are being given the opportunity to showcase their skills and share their talents.

All night everybody’s head was bobbing or their legs were tapping along to the music. Every person that performed on that stage on Sunday looked like they belonged up there, which made everyone else comfortable.

The whole point of this competition is to help the growth and development of the artists.

It’s helping the artists expand their horizons, and by performing they are becoming more known to the public eye.

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