Music to get you through the pandemic

The public health situation continues to be one of many twists and turns. Hearing something one day followed by a sudden contradiction the next can be confusing and tiring.

Many of us diligently tune into social media in order to stay informed and educated but sometimes it can be a bit too much for our brains to handle.

Music can be therapeutic for many and I believe that it can be food for the soul. It’s one of the things in my life that has always been there for me. Something I can turn to after a long day.

Music seems to help lift my spirits and provide me with some clarity and focus—bringing me to a better place in some sense. During the public health crisis, I managed to keep an ongoing log of a few artists, bands and genres that have helped me keep my mind distracted and give me a boost when the world seems too busy.

1.Alpha/Beta Waves, Focus/Concentration Music

A unique and interesting form of music I like to turn toon YouTube while doing work from home. It’s soothing, and although I don’t understand the science behind how it works, I put my trust into it and hope that in some way it does.

2. Phil Collins

How could I ever forget one of the most important soundtracks of my childhood?—Tarzan. Other hits such as “How I Wish It Would Rain Down” are just some of mypersonal favourites from Collins.

The one that has helped me for whatever reason is his biggest hit ‘’In the Air Tonight.”While most of the song is abuildup towards the iconic drum solo, the song has twistsand turns leading you on a musical journey till the very end.

With renditions being done with Eric Clapton, this epic classic will leave you wantingmore. Perhaps this song helps me most during this time because, much like thepandemic, there was a calm before the storm.

We knew something was happening, but until the World Health Organization declaredthe pandemic, the booming roars of drums came out of nowhere, leaving us to question everything around us.

3. Trance

This one is a bit different. I was introduced to trance music after taking a liking to ArminVan Buuren. He is one of the most successful and influential electronic music artists ofour time—his discography speaks for itself.

Trance music helps because it requires little attention to the song yet provides a simple and stable beat with interesting shifts and dynamics—making it useful for workouts and uplifting spirits.

The positive and energizing feel of trance music is something that helps get me going, even on days when I have trouble getting started.

4. 90’s Alternative

I’ve been into 90’s alternative rock like Nirvana, Alice in Chains and REM for a while but it wasn’t until recently that I began to see another side of Alice in Chains’ music.

While they may have been lumped into the Seattle Grunge scene of the early 1990s, their music goes far beyond that. Their lyrics dive deep into struggles with addiction, personal demons and mental health—something that band members have dealt with in the past.

While their original lead singer Layne Staley wasn’t able to overcome his own personal struggles, it’s given listeners around the world something to take away.

I take their music almost as a warning, steering their audience away from the dark and heavy lifestyle that they endured all those years ago.

It’s helped me during many times of my life because of its raw, unapologetic and honest confessions—always staying true to themselves and their fans.


This one might turn some heads. Coming from a small town in Alberta, Nickelback is one of the most commercially successful yet hated bands in Canada. Perhaps it’s Chad Kroeger’s voice or the similar formula used in many of their songs. There’s something that some people just can’t stand about these guys. But for me, I recently re-discovered an old song of theirs that I had forgotten about—”Lullaby.”

A song about never losing hope in the face of adversity was gone quite unnoticed when it first came out. But in time, it’s become an important staple song of my summer—thanks to the message.

They talk about reaching out to someone who may be in need of help and assuring them that there are better days ahead. Perhaps we can take away something from these rockers and keep our heads up no matter what comes our way.

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