Can you find this missing plush octopus?

Graphic by Kash Patel

Ontario is a large province filled with many good people, however, sometimes a story comes up that makes you question how some of its residents could be so cruel. 

On November 14 at 1 Bayside Lane in Toronto, a little girl’s reversible plush octopus was stolen and has not yet been recovered. This plush toy meant the world to three-year-old Corvette as the toy was a goodbye gift from her mother shortly before she passed away.

Corvette’s aunt put up a post on the “Buy and Sell KWFacebook page asking if someone in Kitchener was willing to donate a new plush toy, despite it obviously not holding the same sentimental value as the lost present. I talked to her about this very upsetting matter in which she told me a little about Corvette’s relationship with her mother.

“I have never seen such a good relationship between mother and daughter, they did literally everything together.”

Corvette took the toy with her everywhere she went. Ever since it was lost, Corvette’s heart has been broken and her sorrow has increased. In a cruel twist of irony, the location where the toy was lost was also a favorite location of Corvette and her mother.

“They were like best friends and even referred to each other as ‘Miss,’ it was so adorable.”

The young child already had to cope with an unimaginable tragedy, the loss of this important memento is far more than anyone should have to bear.

The toy is a reversible plush octopus with a ‘red apple’ design on one side, and ‘orange’ on the other. If you have any information about the lost item please comment on the “Buy and Sell KW” post (it’s captioned “Baby Girl Robbed”) or you can email us at

Nobody deserves to have this happen to them. The plush really means a lot to this girl so if you have any information, please let us know.

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