May 19, 2010

“It’s kind of like being with your family at Christmas dinner for 28 days in a row.”
—Evan Cranley from Stars describing band tensions in the recording studio

“You’d rather go oops in a positive way, rather than the other way.”
—VP: Finance Jim Butler on making conservative estimates when dealing with Laurier’s pension problems

“We’re trying to put a time-lapse camera in place that will film the project as it goes and will be accessible on the Internet so you could go on and click – and you know when they speed up a flower blooming – so you could actually be able see the thing taking shape.”
—WLUSU general manager Mike McMahon, on how they will document the Terrace expansion

“How old are you?”
—Canadian pop rock singer and songwriter Andy Kim, co-writer the 1968 hit “Sugar, Sugar”, in a phone interview with Cord Arts Editor Sarah Murphy

“I’m taking everybody on the dean’s trip, the infamous dean’s trip, this summer as planned.”
—David McMurray, dean of students, on maintaining a strong relationship with student groups as he transitions into his new role as VP: student affairs

“I was shown this really great book called Mrs. Brooks Loves Books about this little girl who has to go the library all the time, hates going to the library, hates books, and doesn’t get into reading at all. The librarian was not your typical librarian, she was a really zany out-there character and she gets kids to fall in love with books. It’s an amazing story and when I read it I thought, you know, we can do something similar to that in Kitchener-Waterloo.”
—Bronwyn Addico, events and marketing co-ordinator of Words Worth Books on getting children to read