March 10, 2010

Dear Life,
Why do people lose all sense of social norms when they enter the Concourse? From that one couple who constantly make out like we’re all in their private bedroom (and you all know who I am talking about), to the guitar player who thinks that we all want to hear him play “Save Tonight” off-key ad nauseam. I simply ask for some common courtesy in a public space.
Sincerely, Concourse Pillar

Dear Life,
No scientific calcs? What is this? Grade 4? As with any test in the history of science, we are being marked on our procedures. Although the calculation of the correct answer gets us a mark, the final answer is not the goal of the question: knowing how to get there is. There seems to be an unfortunate misunderstanding between Laurier’s faculty of science and the rest of the rational scientific community.
Sincerely, Stop Trying to Turn Laurier Into a High School

Dear Life, Isn’t there a by-law stating that residents of Marshall have to shovel their sidewalks? C’mon guys, snow is melting and lots of people have to walk through all that slush. And just tossing some road salt on it is not the same as shoveling – it’s just bad for the environment and stains peoples’ pants and boots. Sincerely, We Live in Canada, Learn to Shovel

Dear Life, I understand that it is the flu season and people get the sniffles, but sitting in an hour and a half long lab with the person beside you making horking-like noises every five minutes is getting really irritating. Sincerely, It’s Called a Tissue, Blow Your Damn Nose Already

Dear Life, I can’t thank Foot Patrol enough for being the black spot on the volunteering spirit in the Laurier community. You suck so much as human beings. Thanks for being a collective of douchebags. Sincerely, Trainspotter

Dear Life, I love the Pita Shack! Sincerely, I Love the Pita Shack