March 10, 2010

“I didn’t feel I could look a player or his family in the eye and get him to commit to Laurier when I’m not even sure where the program is going.”
–Recently resigned men’s rugby coach Josh Windsor

“It’s your jingle.”
–Canadian author Malcolm Gladwell responding to a question about the possibility of changing the phrasing in the Canadian national anthem

“If the primary focus is academic integrity of students, then it’s a bad plan.”
–English professor Markus Poetzsch talking about one of the funding cut propositions which would allow students with 5.0 GPA to graduate with an honours degree

“It’s unethical to give an honours degree to students with a 5.0 GPA.”
–Film studies co-ordinator Philippa Gates.

“What happens if we can’t come up with a solution in a timely manner?”
–Chair of the English department James Weldon, questioning alternatives for funding
if the proposed plans to change the general arts degree don’t go through.

“I’ve never had this feeling before; I’ve never won anything like this and it’s just absolutely incredible, more than I ever thought it would feel like.”
–Women’s hockey player Devon Skeats on winning her first OUA championship.

“I’m not finding much loss of mental skills but I’m physically drained. I’m not trying to hurt myself in any way, but I do think it is important to go as far as I can.”
–Waterloo resident Dante Ryel who is currently fasting with only a water and supplement diet in support of the passing of Bill C-311, Climate Change Accountability Act.