March 10, 2010


5 years:
Shinerama wins third consecutive national award

On Feb. 12, Laurier was honoured at the Waterloo Tennis Club, winning the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s Best Overall Campaign award for their 2004 Shinerama campaign. It was the third consecutive year Laurier’s campaign had won the award.

Printed March 3, 2005

25 years:
Beer strike threatens campus bars

A province-wide strike of brewers had many students panicking about the beer supply on campus. The Turret had stockpiled as much beer as their storage would allow; however, the bar predicted that it likely only had enough beer to last two weeks. After a Saturday night, the estimated two week supply was downgraded to one week. At the time, the Turret was not equipped for draught beer; therefore, purchasing kegs was not an option.

Printed March 7, 1985

35 years:
Fees go up without opposition

In an attempt to lower the university’s ancillary fee deficit, the board of governors raised residence and meal card fees by a total of $275 for the 1975-76 academic year. There was an increase in the residence fee by $150 and a $125 increase for the five-day meal card.

Printed March 6, 1975

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