LSPIRG elects 2010-11 board of directors


The Laurier Students’ Public Interest Research Group (LSPIRG) held their annual general meeting last Thursday where they discussed current issues within the organization, proposed by-law changes and elected a new board of directors.

Morgan Alan, current chair of the board, was the only director running for re-election and secured himself a seat on the 2010-11 board. This year, he is looking to raise awareness about LSPIRG on campus and within the community, especially the role of the board within the organization as well as the volunteers and staff.

“Increasing the visibility of our board while at the same time making sure were not delegating too much from the board level and not empowering our volunteers,” said Alan about his plans.

Laura Adelman, Kathryn Atkinson, Casey Hawkins, Zabeen Khamisa and Terrence Saulnier were also elected as student directors.

In addition, the three candidates running for the community directorial positions were acclaimed: Ravi Gokani, Doug Roberts and Kevin Sutton.

Adelman presented a platform based on providing a space for marginalized voices and an anti-oppressive environment.

“I’m really committed to furthering the anti-oppression aims of LSPIRG, as well as setting up the consensus decision-making process which has been already begun this past year,” said Adelman.

Atkinson hopes to engage change, bring forward new and diverse ideas and raise awareness for the organization among the student body.

Hawkins also stated her desire to engage in social change, reaching out to the Laurier and Kitchener-Waterloo communities to do so.

Khamisa expressed her interest in raising environmental awareness and said that her belief in open-mindedness and understanding different perspectives will be an asset on the board.

Finally, Saulnier spoke about how his different life and work experiences have brought him closer to the community and that his “eagerness will surely prove to be a worthwhile investment.”

While not elected as a member of the board, science student Sean Gallagher hoped to work to engage members of the community who are largely unaware of the presence of LSPIRG, such as the students in his faculty, and plans to continue his involvement with the organization.

“I’m glad we had an election; I’m really happy with the turnout and happy with the elected board of directors,” said Gallagher.

In addition to the elections, a by-law change was proposed at the AGM regarding a move from Roberts Rules of Order to a consensus decision-making model, which was passed.

The group has also decided to increase the LSPIRG board of directors meetings from twice a year to three times a year, allowing for one each semester.

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