Brantford open forum

The Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union held their Brantford open forum Jan. 27 in conjunction with the upcoming election.

Seth Warren, Tom Papanastasiou, John Sampson, Greg Evans, Kyle Hocking, Chris Oberle and Michael Onabolu were the only board of director candidates to show up.

When asked about their absent colleagues, most board candidates did not believe the this reflected apathy towards Brantford voters.

“They probably just felt that they didn’t know a lot about Brantford,” said Onabolu.

All four presidential candidates attended. Kory Preston expressed his interest into looking at a general manager of Brantford operations; Kyle Walker noted his plans to advocate for a “campus pub planning committee,” in addition to increasing safety. Lawrence Maclin echoed the sentiment of safety being a priority, whereas Sunny Chan offered no Brantford-specific promises.

When the candidates were asked to choose who would make the best president out of their fellow candidates, the result was a tie; Maclin and Walker voted for Preston, while Preston and Chan threw their support in favour of Walker.

In another question from the floor, the candidates were asked to name a character flaw about themselves. Maclin, Walker and Preston stuck to traditional responses, claiming to “care too much”.

Chan took the untraditional route and stated that he was an annoying individual, linking this to his ability to get things done in the boardroom.