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For almost a year, Laurier Musical Theatre (LMT) has been ramping up for a show that promises to make Julian, Ricky and even Bubbles jealous. After months of preparation, the week has come for LMT to perform The Great American Trailer Park Musical.

The play is set in Armadillo Acres, a trailer park in North Florida. It revolves around Jeannie — an agoraphobic, her husband Norbert, a stripper named Pippi and a plethora of other delightfully trashy characters. The musical, written by Betsy Kelso was originally created for seven people.

“That was one of our biggest challenges,” said Victoria Gushue, director of the show to The Cord. “We took a show that was originally for seven people, and we have a cast of over fifteen now.”

The cast has worked tirelessly since auditions in September to put on the show. “LMT was very present at the Get Involved Fair,” said Jessa Fitzpatrick, producer of the show, “We started auditions the second week of classes, but the process began in February when LMT held a general meeting and elected executives.”

Mackenzie Warner, a third-year student who plays Jeannie in the musical and is also the marketing director, has had some difficulty juggling it all.

“I’m an academic person, so I was a little hesitant with the extra time,” stated Warner, “In January, I’ve put in five hours a day with acting and about four or five hours with marketing.”

Cast members Fitzpatrick, Gushue and Warner agreed that it
“was a little overwhelming at times,” but as Gushue stated, “Everyone’s put their heart into it and everyone should come see it.”

Shows will play on Jan. 18-19 at 8 p.m, and Jan. 21 at 2 p.m. Tickets are ten dollars for students and 15 for general admission.

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