Library experiences long weekend flooding

(File photo by Will Huang)
(File photo by Will Huang)

Heavy rain over the weekend caused damage to the lower floor of Wilfrid Laurier University’s library, which experienced two to three inches of water.

The only student service that was affected was Laurier Archives, which will remain closed while the rest of the Library operates as usual.

The entrance to the Library, which was moved to the back door at the beginning of the summer due to the construction, was not affected by the flooding. Users are asked to continue to use the back door and take the stairs to the main level.

No collections or archival materials were damaged in the flooding, according to a release from the Library.

Nicholas Dinka, library communications officer at Laurier, explained that the lower level of the Library will be off limits for the remainder of the week with dehumidifiers and equipment set up to dry out the area. After that, the Library will reassess the damage and determine if it will be closed longer.

“The good news is that it was caught fairly quickly. Physical resources, custodial resources, special constables [and] library staff all responded as soon as it was found, so they were able to contain the flooding,” Dinka said. “I think it could have been a lot worse.”

As a result of the flooding, elevator access on the first floor of the Library will be off limits. Users with accessibility needs will be helped by Library staff to use the elevators when available, or to find alternative ways around the building.

Group and individual study rooms as well as the Library Instruction Room will also be closed temporarily.

The cost of the damage has not yet been assessed.

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