Liberating the exploration of natural bodily functions

Masturbation, lets talk about it

In comedies like American Pie, There’s Something About Mary and Good Luck Chuck (just to name a few), male masturbation is something that is not taboo. It’s something most of us grew up with in our daily media. However, the same cannot be said for female masturbation.

For whatever reason, there is a taboo around women being open about masturbation. While men are often very comfortable around expressing “jerking off,” females tend to keep such actions as sexual secrets.

Why is this the case?

Masturbation is undoubtedly a natural human instinct. There should not be any shame in performing what is fundamentally a human impulse.

Regardless of societal norms, no one should supress what our anatomy often demands.

In movies and television, it is far less common to show a female character masturbating (even in a suggestive undertone), than it is to show males who are demonstrated to feel no embarrassment about committing the act.

As children, boys are rarely told to stop playing with their penis, but for girls, it’s dirty to touch themselves.

These common societal stereotypes make it difficult to see female masturbation — or masturbation in general — as something normal.

Bodily experimentation is part of human growth. Without it, we are not able to understand what satisfies us and the basis of our sexual desire.

A level of exploration is required to discover levels of stimulation and prepare ourselves, as human beings, for intercourse.

No embarrassment is necessary for performing an instinctual function of our anatomy.

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