Lewis Black in review

Lewis Black is not afraid to speak his mind.

Photo by Will Huang
Photo by Will Huang

Lewis Black is not afraid to speak his mind.

Self-described as a “tad neurotic,” Black brought his politically-charged comedy to Centre in the Square Sept. 14. From addressing the current state of American politics to describing the process of a colonoscopy, the evening consisted of topics that appeared to be irksome to Black.

For the majority of the show, Black showed that he still has the gift of making people laugh. On top of his career as a stand-up comedian, The 66-year old, who has worked in television and film, managed to make people laugh throughout his performance. Not skipping a beat, Black is self-aware of the need to stay current, evident in his use of an iPad towards the end of his set.

While at times showing his age by stuttering to form some sentences, Black still proved his connection to the time we live in, addressing current political issues and was quick to address his thoughts and opinions on the current American government.

At one point he even went through the things that the American public enjoyed more than Congress, such as Kim Kardashian and gonorrhea, which he felt should be reclaimed as a word for the beauty it beholds.

Black went into many details about previous stops on the tour, from the bleak weather he experienced in Ireland to the Socialist workings of Sweden and Denmark.

One of the highlights of the performance was his ability to speak his mind, albeit in an abrasive and blunt manner.

Unafraid of the backlash his words might cause, Black at one point talked about the details of a colonoscopy with the audience, which received much laughter from the crowd.

Overall the show was met with a great reaction from the audience. Most of the jokes Black told was met with audience approval.

While the occasional slip showed that Black is starting to age, his presence on stage, coupled with his comedic fits of rage resonated well with the crowd and made for an enjoyable performance.

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