Letters to the Editor: January 23, 2013


Go Vegan the right way

Dear Editor,

I have been vegetarian for many years now and one of the first, and most important pieces of advice I give to anyone is to consult with your family physician.
At your annual check-up your doctor will order blood work to monitor your vitamin and iron levels to make sure you are not deficient. This is crucial since most health food stores upon hearing “vegetarian” will try to sell you iron supplements, which should only be taken under the advice of a doctor.
You should also consult a dietician or nutritionist as they can provide you with an abundance of information and what to eat to make sure you are getting your daily requirements. Both of these services are offered on campus through Health Services.
You don’t have to go to fancy stores which can be very expensive on a student budget. Zehr’s, Food Basics and Sobey’s all have several options.
Don’t forget growing your own food! As for restaurants, pretty much anywhere I go there is always something “veg” for me to eat.

–Sabrina Brown

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