Laurier’s worst Christmas gifts

It’s almost here. We’ve been dreading its return, hoping that maybe, just maybe it wouldn’t happen this year. Maybe our stockings would stay un-stocked; maybe the Grinch would take the presents right out from under our trees; maybe we’d even get the wonderful, practical gift of coal. Yes, Christmas is almost here, and with it, awkward Christmas gifts.

Right now, your favourite aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins are all thinking furiously about that special gift that keeps on giving, the one that will make you say, “Oh! Thanks Aunt Ruby, I really like it …” while you desperately try to keep a smile on your face and that dead look out of your eyes. How could they be such a terrible judge of character? Why didn’t you remember to tell them exactly what you wanted this year? And now what are you going to do with a complete encyclopedia set on Russian flora and fauna? It can be hard to assign blame in these situations, and sometimes it’s best to just forgive and forget.

Reporter Alex Hanson and I asked you what some of your worst Christmas gifts were, Laurier, and you didn’t hold back. Everything from Twilight, to shoes, tools and the classic superhero apparel ten years too late, students expounded fondly, bewilderedly and even bitterly on some of their least favourite Christmas memories.

Alexa Major, fourth-year biology: “My worst Christmas gift was the Twilight: New Moon soundtrack.”

Anna Southall, third year English and psychology: “My worst Christmas gift was a wooden Christmas tree you can paint.”

Taylor Lanoue, third-year kinesiology: “My worst Christmas gift? Tools, hammers, screwdrivers.”

Steve Bagin, first-year political science: “My worst Christmas gift was a spiderman t-shirt when I was sixteen years old.”

Jordyn Bell, prospective arts: “My worst Christmas gift was a few years ago, my aunt gave me the pocket guide to weather.”

Jonathan Dilello, third-year English and history: “The worst Christmas gift I ever got was a coin set from 1991 that my uncle gave me. It was rusted. It wasn’t even new.”

Paul Osateuk, education student: “The worst Christmas gift I ever got was in grade one. I was recently diagnosed with dyslexia and my aunt had purchased me a complete set of children’s books that I could not read or understand at all. And that really made me embarrassed and stupid.”

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