Laurier’s three-part master plan released


On Wednesday,Wilfrid Laurier University revealed its campus Master Plan to students, faculty and staff.

The plan was visible on presentation boards set up in the concourse, however, there did not appear to be anyone there from IBI group, the company who developed the plan, to answer any questions students might have.

The plan is being developed with some main goals in mind, some of which include establishing more open space and a better pedestrian network, keeping the campus compact and making Laurier more transit oriented.

The Master Plan proposes to re-develop the physical aspect of the university in three different phases: 2009 through 2012-13, 2013 through 2017-18 and 2018 through 2022-23.

Highlights from the first phase include an extension of the Arts building over University Ave to St. Michael’s. There will be an enclosed walkway over the street to enhance mobility between the two parts of campus.

Laurier Place will be receiving renovations, and there is also a proposed installation of a “common green space” in the middle of campus. This will go where Macdonald House residence currently sits.

The second phase is focused on improving travel to and from campus, as well as pedestrian walkways on campus. The creation of a underground parking unit underneath Alumni field and an expansion of the Athletic Complex are all highlights of this phase.

The final phase will include an expansion to the library, renovations to Clara Conrad Residence and land redevelopment across from the AC.

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