Laurier’s online catalogue of ways to stay active from home

Graphic by Kash Patel

As COVID-19 cases increase in the province and restrictions tightening again, working out has yet again become a challenge. Laurier’s Department of Athletics and Recreation has provided extensive resources to help students find time for their wellbeing.  

With the weather getting colder and the pandemic persistings, focusing on your own wellbeing and mental health can be exhausting. Laurier Athletics knows the fall semester is unique and has put together initiatives to help students focus on their wellbeing. 

Last week the Department of Athletics and Recreation wrapped up an extra special two weeklong Thrive Week, held completely on Zzoom. This year’s Thrive Week was extended to allow for more students to participate. The two weeks consisted of free activities focusing on the betterment of student’s mental health and wellbeing. 

The activities run during Thrive Week allowed students to sample activities they might be interested in taking up in the future. This successful initiative has provided a great way for students to find which activities work best for them.

Let’s look at what exactly is offered and where to find Laurier’s catalogue of online activities. 


The official Instagram page for Laurier Recreation is a great one- stop shop to find out what activities are being held and when they happen. In addition to a weekly fitness schedule, they provide motivation and challenge students to take a minuteet and focus on their wellbeing. 

They accomplished this through their new Healthy Hawk of the Week competition innovative, where they encourage students to nominate those who are focusing on their overall wellbeing overall. 

Laurier Athletics YouTube: Healthy Hawk Playlist 

The playlist provides 26 in-depth workout videos. It also encompasses many types of workouts, including cardio and lower back, yoga, full body and more. These videos are great for students looking to get their daily 30 minuteets of exercise, in the comfort of their home. 

Group Exercise at Laurier

For those who prefer structured workouts, the Athletics and Recreation department is providing those as well. A variety of group exercise classes run each week from 8 am to 7 pm all held over Zoom. These activities can be accessed through the Laurier Athletics website.

Yoga at Laurier

A yoga group exercise at Laurier is a 40 to 60 minuteets low intensity session that allows students to relax, stretch and meditate while building stability in their muscles. This activity is an excellent way to de-stress from online course work. Check out these classes on the Group Exercise page on Laurier’s Athletics website. 

Stretch Break

This Laurier innovationve used to run in- person at the library, but has since moved online with the rest of the Athletic and Recreation department. Laurier has provided a video for students that walks them through a 10-15 minuteet stretch break to increase and restore blood flow, reduce stress on overworked muscles and refocus.

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