Laurier Sweeps Koodonation Competition

The Wilfrid Laurier University Glassco Foundation has helped the Colin B. Glassco Foundation for Children become $35,000  richer.

“We are so excited, this is unreal,” expressed Sean Cameron, the captain of Laurier’s team for the Koodonation competition, an event that challenged numerous schools in microvolunteering, an online form of volunteering that allows students and other participants to contribute their time and skills to non-profit organizations in need of some basic help.

“We just saw the community come together, we didn’t think we’d get the results that we did,” said Cameron. “But we did.”

Although the results are not official yet, according to Cameron, at midnight on the final night of the competition, Laurier had over 40,000 points, which was more  than any other team had combined.

“We had five times more volunteers than any other school,” he explained.

“I was really thrilled to see [the results,]” said Emily Wilson, the vice-president of communications for Laurier Glassco.

“Especially from the first year community, seeing them come together was amazing,” she continued.

Stephanie Scicluna, the vice-president of marketing with Laurier Glassco, echoed Wilson.

“It was amazing, Laurier just came together as a community, Laurier has an amazingly supportive community and they came through and that was important,” she said.

The impact of microvolunteering by students was astonishing, and helped Laurier succeed in the competition.

Cameron, Wilson and Scicluna all alluded to the help of the Business faculty and praised the support that they were given.

“We have amazing support from the business department, we know that we have some support on campus,” stated Cameron.

However, the Laurier Glassco Foundation found a lack of support  from Campus Clubs.

“We tried to get special events funding and they said don’t even bother with special event funding,” Cameron said.

However, Maggie Schaefer, the vice president of clubs and associations stated that she never received an application from them.

Cameron also expressed that they were told, in regards to putting up posters for the competition, the response they received from campus clubs was: “we would think hard about pulling them down if you tried and put them up.” Should this be paraphrased rather than quoted directly? It seems a little risky.

Schaefer explained that she had no knowledge of this threat.

“Within the university’s poster policy, you have to put them in certain spots and things like that, so it could have been something like that,” Schaefer explained.

Regardless of whether or not there was a miscommunication, it didn’t affect the outcome of the competition.

“We pushed through the barriers we faced and came out on top,” Cameron said.

The charity of choice will receive the check in the beginning weeks of December and Cameron explained that after Colin B. Glassco called to congratulate the team on their accomplishment, he revealed his idea to use the money to build a maternity ward.

“This competition highlighted Laurier’s culture of volunteers,” concluded Cameron.

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