Laurier Student Poll results: Federal legalization of marijuana

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Laurier Student Poll conducted a survey over the past two weeks asking Laurier students about their thoughts on the recent federal legalization of marijuana in Canada. The survey was conducted online and received 163 responses from students in first, second, third, fourth, and fifth year along with graduate students across all the different educational faculties at Wilfrid Laurier University.  

68 out of the 163 respondents (41.7%) said that they are more likely to consume marijuana now that it is legal.  

Out of the 163 respondents, 47 students (28.8%) said that they have not consumed marijuana in the past. 23 of those 47 students (48.9%) said that were in favour of marijuana legalization. Out of the 115 students that said they have consumed marijuana in the past, 12 (10.4%) responded with no when asked if they were in favor of the legalization.

43 out of the 163 respondents (26.4%) said that they considered themselves avid marijuana consumers. Unsurprisingly, 39 out of those 43 students (90.7%) are in favour of the marijuana legalization.  

The survey received responses for students of all educational faculties at Laurier. The breakdown was as follows: 75 students from the Faculty of Arts, 51 students in the Lazaridis SBE, 33 students from the Faculty of Science, and three respondents from the Faculty of Music. 

10 Arts students (13.3%), 12 Lazaridis SBE students (23.5%), two out of three Music students (66.7%) and 12 Science students (36.3%) responded not in favour of the marijuana legalization. 

The survey also asked Laurier students if the federal legalization of marijuana in Canada would affect how and who they voted for in the future. 89 students (54.6%) said that marijuana legalization won’t affect their vote in the future, while the remaining 74 students said that it would. 

Overall, perhaps the most important result of the survey was 127 students (77.9%) responding in favour of the legalization, showing that this decision by the government is strongly supported by Laurier students.

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