Laurier student fundraises for his future

To get equipment for a Harvard class, a Laurier student found a unique way to obtain funding

Photo by Andreas Pastiaouros
Photo by Andreas Pastiaouros

For Zack Honarvar, the future is very clear.

Originally from Aurora, Honarvar came to Wilfrid Laurier University to study economics but realized he wanted more. “I know that one day I want to have my own start-up,” Honarvar said about his plans for the future. With his goals in mind, he decided to set himself up for success.

“I was able to enrol and register in a computer programming course from Harvard called CS50,” he said. He realized that to have a startup he would need a working knowledge of computer science; something he knew little about. He also knew that in order to successfully complete the course, you need to work hard and have the right equipment.

“I was using a lousy Sony Viao that was practically a fossil,” Honarvar said. “After only a few days in the course, my laptop broke on me.”

He started using the campus desktops in order to keep up with his programming course and Laurier work.

“It was such a pain not having a laptop and I needed a solution quick,” he said.

Why would he not just buy himself a new computer? Well, as you can imagine, as a student funds for a new laptop don’t grow on trees.

In an entrepreneurial moment of clarity, Honarvar realized what he needed to do in order to get a new laptop to support his computer programming needs.

He decided to fundraise the money he needed in a unique way. He approached a laser-etching company and pitched them the idea of getting local business’ logos engraved on the new laptop’s exterior and charge the companies a reasonable fee for their ads. It was a win-win: Honarvar would raise the money he needed and the companies would get advertising wherever he was.

“I’m a really social guy and I’m literally on campus all the time so students are going to see the front of my computer over and over again,” Honarvar continued.

With contributions from Zenan Glass, Deca, Mr. T-Shirt, Quick Sandwiches, Royal House Family, Braceland Student Painting and a small donation from his friends, he was able to raise the $1500 he needed for a MacBook.

“I’m really excited about how the whole thing turned out and how fast it all came together,” he said. Honarvar is looking to complete his programming course and maybe take this idea to the next level, but for right now, he is happy with a new computer.

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