Laurier fills government relations position

Brian Rosborough has recently been hired by Wilfrid Laurier University to the new position of director of government relations.

The director of government relations will work as a main contact between Laurier and the provincial and federal governments.

Rosborough will have a key role in advocating and increasing Laurier’s profile to decision-makers within the government.

His responsibilities will include ensuring that both the government and Laurier have an awareness of each other’s priorities.

He will also keep Laurier aware of legislation that has an impact on the university.

Rosborough highlights the importance of the relationship between Laurier and the government.

“About half of Laurier’s revenue comes from government sources, so it’s increasingly important that Laurier is having conversation with the government so that [they] understand what Laurier’s priorities and objectives are in terms of quality of education,” said Rosborough.

Rosborough arrives at Laurier with 20 years of experience in government relations and public policy.

He is a graduate from Dalhousie University, holding a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s degree in public administration.

He has most recently worked for the Association of Municipalities of Ontario as the director of policy and government relations.

The relationship between the government and Laurier is crucial in order for the university to provide high quality education and research programming.

Post-secondary education is a very competitive and complex area, thus Rosborough’s experience is an asset to the university.

“From Laurier’s perspective, it means better public policy that helps meet the needs of the university and the students included,” said Rosborough.

“So things that are better for the university and improve the quality of education, those are in both the university and the students interests as well.”